Rogelio Groba Foundation


In 2002 a new initiative was promoted by the composer himself and his family in order to catalogue and protect the musical legacy of Rogelio Groba and also boost its diffusion.


According to the rules of his foundation, the main objective is “the protection, study, care and diffusion of Rogelio Groba's musical work”. Furthermore, the register, study, edition, interpretation, recording and diffusion of Rogelio Groba's heritage is an activity of special relevance. In addition, the spreading of the classic music and, above all, that coming from Galician composers, is another important objective.

Work done through the Foundation

Since its beginning, the Foundation Rogelio Groba has developed its work on the basis of two main programs.

-The Program of Digitalization by means of which not only all the composer's catalogue but also the extraction of the particellas of his works are turned into a digital format. They try to make available to performers and specialists his entire legacy in the best conditions and also to guarantee the good state of his works by means of their duplication.

-The Program of Diffusion. Here we can highlight the organisation of concerts, the recordings or the edition of Groba's catalogue until 2007.

In both cases, the Foundation Rogelio Groba has collaborated with numerous institutions such as Fundación Cidade da cultura, Consellería de Cultura, Sociedad General de Autores, Ministerio de Cultura, Instituto Cervantes and so on and so forth.